Elementz Crew Presents: Marcus Intalex


Arriving around twelve thirty we were greeted by the sublime setting of the Velvet Lounge and one of the most hideous things you can see at a dance party. “Due to circumstances outside of our control Digital will not be playing tonight, however Marcus Intalex will be performing an extended set”… I was shocked, but you can’t let this sorta thing get you down, you just have to keep on partying. ┬áIf you need some of your own songs to mix check out The Music Distillery.


Despite all the night was warming up well with Fletch on the decks, pulling out a sublime mix ranging from dark-technical numbers to groovy funk fueled vibes in a almost scientific manner of mixing, his varied selection was the perfect warmup for what was to come, slowly working one of the coolest crowds I’ve seen in a while into a fantastic fun fuel frenzy, coupled with the excellent jungle style MCing of Danyellsan, in his words ‘Goddamn selector!!!, make some noise for the drum and the bass!!!’. The heat built and so did the vibe.

Perfect for the next set, an atmospheric, female vocal funky rolling number vibe from ‘the man’ Blanco an excellent mixer and a real crowd pleasing DJ. Hands in the air, waving around, Melbourne shuffle madness and the digital bogan moshing you see sometimes in the corner, Blanco took us on a journey through the deeper degrees of sound, ideal for the introduction of the man himself, Marcus Intalex.

Needing no introduction at all, Marcus, the man credited with the revival of the funky uptempo vibe in drum and bass, you’re all heard his tunes, they get slammed in Melbourne, and this night proved why. Marcus divided his set into sections, shifting from dark to light, technical to funky, then dark again, dropping all his classics and the songs of the moment, “Casino Royale” remixes etc. The latin rhythm vibe was present and correct. Flamenco guitar and sitar samples as well, with some heavyweight Dillinja anthems in the mix and some fantastic funky tracks with Micheal Jackson style vocal samples “I see you standing on the corner of the dance floor”. We were seeing the deep funky vibe perfectly merged with dancefloor rollers and hard edged amen beats, it was epic.


Marcus finished up with one of those classic songs, the “Up All Night” remix by John B, before handing the decks to our man JPS who then proceeded to rewind the track droppin’ it again for a massive response. You could see something special and amazing happening here, it was a high point for the Elementz Crew, especially as JPS released “Up All Night” on us once again to the adoring yells from the crowd “Jerry!!!,Jerry!!!,Jerry!!!”. From here JPS rocked the crowd with his signature sound and style, kicking in slow, smooth and intelligent and getting harder by the track. We left around halfway through this set, it had been a night to remember and I loved every moment of it.

Big ups Melbourne Drum and Bass Massive, you guys rock!